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香港JR设计 HK JR Design-上海虹橋酒店項目
the main body of the resort hotel in the terminal area of shanghai hongqiao airport undertaken by hong kong jr has been completed, the interior d..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-成都殯葬業的改革方案
the best memorial for the deceased by those who care about them is to miss! life and death are endless! with the development over time and t..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-:淮安項目成果匯報
at the end of october, the hong kong jr planning department went to huaian investors to report the results, which was recognized by the owners! ..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-武汉项目汇报
october 19thour design team went to wuhan yongtongchang and nande group project to conduct project inspection and report; with the purpose of exc..