JR News

香港JR设计 HK JR Design-無錫柯達小區
the general contracting project of kodak residential area design of wuxi xinwu district undertaken by jr of hong kong is about 300,000 square met..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-都江堰國際康養度假區
the planned area of dujiangyan international recreation resort is about 2200 mu, and the planned products are three large international top brand..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-峨眉七里坪医养小镇规划
shall be borne by the hong kong jr, design planning of emei qiliping medical town covers an area of about 4000 mu, kang for this planning, rehabi..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-四川南充智慧小鎮規劃
shall be borne by the hong kong jr design of nanchong wisdom town of about 6000 mu, the town planning for the internet industry ten data, the cas..