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  The architectural scheme design is the theme and content of the building designed before the project, so it is particularly important. How to improve the ability of architectural scheme design? The editor specially summarized several points for this?

  1、 Introduction to architectural scheme design

  Architectural scheme design refers to the process of establishing project design theme, project composition, content and form according to project requirements and given conditions before the implementation of construction project. Architectural scheme design mainly uses technical Eagle I paper such as plan, elevation, section and necessary details as expression mode, and does not focus on architectural painting skills

  2、 Methods to improve design capability

  1. The cultivation of conception:

  (1) Creative thinking:

  ① Space imagination: training method -- meditative sketch: make up a place in your mind, such as a coffee shop or a small basketball court by the river in the park, and sketch it for about 15 minutes. The key is to train yourself to see clearly the image in Chu's mind. The details are rich, which shows that the spatial imagination is growing, Practice once a week

  ② Abstract thinking power: training method -- space Origami: use origami, light and shadow to create a reduced version of space. After each creation, use photography to record the work

  (2) Inductive thinking:

  ① Information analysis: training methods -- Campus research: research and analyze the buildings of your school and draw the information map of the whole campus. The so-called information map is not a geographic map, but the collection and arrangement of certain specific information. For example, analyze the functional relationship of various parts of the library or auditorium, draw the function of these spaces, explain the bubble diagram, and form their own conclusions and training focus-- Learn to read the buildings around you. Every building is a teacher. Analyze them and live in them. You can feel the feeling of building space. It is suggested that at least one building should be built around one semester

  ② System summary ability: it is not easy to judge the merits and demerits of things, and try to summarize them from a more comprehensive perspective. I didn't think of a good training method. Generally, the best training method is to give a lecture to others. It is suggested that after building a skill, you can train yourself by teaching others in the Department

  (3) Problem solving and deduction: many seemingly difficult things are because we haven't broken them down into some relatively simple things. When we encounter any problems, we should first think about whether we can solve them in multiple steps. This requires that this person can grasp the essence of the matter and the operation logic of the matter. This ability is very important to designers. We will encounter various problems in the future, In principle, as long as we don't deliberately avoid any problems and actively solve them, this ability will be imperceptibly formed

  2. Training of expression ability:

  (4) Self expression:

  ① Recording of instant ideas: recording your ideas in a variety of ways: sketching records images, bubble charts recording relationships, mind mapping recording logic, flow chart recording process The more thinking tools you have, the more mature your thinking will be

  ② Record of the long creation process: This is the practice of general large design courses. All the plans are created in a long recording process. In this process, the more sound and scientific the recording method is, the more ideal the works can be realized. Each big design is an opportunity to hone this. In the first year, Su is recommended as the leading, If you can master a kind of Su before sophomore year, the whole university will be able to draw a level of peers

  (5) Design expression:

  ① Language expression:

  1) Express your work clearly: it is an important training to be willing to share one's own works, speak ideas and speak to others. If you don't have a chance in daily class, it is suggested to open your own blog to express your design ideas in the form of words. Only when a creation is understood by others can it be really finished. In this respect, we are very different from artists. Architects should understand art, But you can't play with the artist's personality

  2) Team work ability: team work, regardless of the division of labor, actively cooperate and communicate with each other. The focus of training in this process is to cooperate with different people. Because in the future, social work is not only to create with people who cooperate with you, but also more resources come from what those who don't cooperate with you can help you

  ② Expression: pictures are the language of designers. As long as you can express the information with pictures, don't use words to empty talk

  (6) Critical thinking ability:

  ① Self denial ability: design is a repeated process, often denying your work. If it doesn't make you want to keep it forever, it means you can do it better

  ② The ability to learn from each other: when looking at other people's works, only analyze the advantages. After all, what you do is just an attempt. Different people have different ways, which can help you see more possibilities

  (7) Focus on explosive force: some creative inspiration comes from brainstorming. On small design topics, try to do four if you want to do two. This training method is also from abroad. Sometimes in China, only one is required, but foreigners are willing to ask for nine. By increasing the amount of thinking load, students' brain ability can be improved

  (8) Persistence: when encountering a really challenging problem, try to think selflessly for more than 8 hours. Many design problems need to load multiple information streams in the brain at the same time before you have a chance to clear your mind, From the perspective of Western teaching style, sketch is actually quite perseverance, so freshmen can draw more







  ①空间想象力:训练方式 -- 冥想式速写:在脑海力虚构一个场所,比如想象一个咖啡厅、公园河边一个小篮球场,对其进行15分钟左右的速写表达训练重点 -- 画的好坏不重要,关键是要训练自己看清楚脑海中的图像,细节约丰富,说明空间想象力在成长.建议日积月累,每周可以练一次.

  ②抽象思维力:训练方式 -- 空间折纸:用折纸、光影去营造一个缩小版的空间场所.每次创作后用摄影记录成作品.


  ①信息分析力:训练方式 -- 校园调研:对自己学校的各个建筑进行调研分析,绘制全整个校区的信息地图,所谓信息地图不是地理地图,而是某种特定信息的采集整理.比如分析下图书馆或礼堂的各部分功能关系,绘制这些空间的功能说明泡泡图,形成自己的结论.训练重点 -- 学习阅读身边的建筑,每一栋楼都是一位老师,分析他们并生活学习在其中,可以模糊的感受到建筑空间给人带来的感觉.建议至少一学期一栋身边建筑.








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