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香港JR设计 HK JR Design-漳州八闽综合体项目

Our company was invited by Fujian Tourism Development Group and FuJian CTS group to participate in the competitive design of Zhangzhou Bamin Complex Project. This project is a comprehensive project of about 100,000 square meters of five-star hotel, commercial and apartment! Our company completed the architectural and interior plan within 15 days as required by the client, and reached the relevant national "Architectural Design Depth" standard. The original concept plan provided wrong and incomplete basic Pdf diagrams and the client was still revising it on the 13th day In the case of floor area ratio, JR architectural and hotel designers rely on their superb design standards and serious and responsible professionalism to carry forward the international design company’s efforts in the competition of time, with the disadvantages of external adverse conditions and extreme non-cooperation, and black box operation. Innovative spirit, formed a consortium with the Fuzhou University Design Institute, with high creativity standards, and completely met the various demanding requirements of the client. It perfectly interprets the comprehensive plan of architecture, planning, and landscape. At the same time, the hotel is designed to a higher standard. The interior design of commercial and apartment has once again proved the characteristics of JR as an excellent company in the forefront of the world's TOP. It is the only company among the seven competing design companies that has completed the interior design of hotels, commerce, and apartments in addition to the architectural plan! It also proves once again the commitment, contract, and professionalism of JR people, which are the true core values that are missing in today's design world!