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Coordinated with Official "Four Stipulations"!



The Ministry of housing and urban-rural development recently enacted the "project construction units responsible for the quality safety responsibility person eight provisions (Trial)","building engineering reconnaissance unit in charge of the project quality and safety responsibility seven provisions (Trial)","construction project design unit in charge of the project quality and safety responsibility seven Provisions (Trial)","construction project general supervision engineer quality safety responsibility Six Provisions (for Trial Implementation)" four regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "four provisions")require the construction,survey,design,supervision unit legal representative, in building engineering construction front,signed the authorization, clear the unit in charge of the project,and the provisions of the the person in charge of the unit of the project shall be the responsibility of the quality and safety of the corresponding administrative punishment.

This series of policies issued in full compliance with the JR design group has always respected the concept of"design and construction of seamless integration,advocate brand & quality priority!"