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{香港JR设计 HK JR Design}香港JR设计集团承担的设计费超亿元的大型项目——中国外交承德庄园城

由香港JR设计集团承担的设计费超亿元的大型项目——中国外交承德庄园城近日终于尘埃落定。本项目确定签约100多个国家外交庄园大使公馆,一带一路外交论坛会址,外交和老年大学,多民族文化小镇,皇家赛马场和养生养老庄园及三甲医院,One Only One、 安拉塔娜、丽兹卡尔顿、华尔道夫等酒店组成了世界园和中华园,由中金集团和中管院国际养老中心共同打造。各公司的专业水准也令JR集团充分发挥自身的特长,我们自豪地宣布,本项目目前各方面的要求和标准处于同行业前列,期待在一带一路战略目标下的新型外交关系的综合城镇即将诞生,项目设计正在进行中!

The design fee of the International public diplomatic manor of China shall be borne more than one hundred million yuan has finally settled in the charge of HK JR design group. The project consist of Chinese garden and the world garden which is contained more than 100 countries diplomatic villas, the site of One Belt One Road forum, the diplomatic university, multi-cultural town, royal racecourse, curing endowment villa and so on. The high professional standards of all the company which have already join in this project make HK JR Design full play to its own expertise. We proudly announced that the all aspects of the project in the standards and requirements is ahead of the industry, and looking forward to the new comprehensive town was born under the strategic goal of One Belt One Road. Now the design of the project was undertake!