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香港JR设计 HK JR Design-成都殯葬業的改革方案

   The best memorial for the deceased by those who care about them is to miss!  Life and death are endless!  With the development over time and the improvement of human civilization, how the dead can pass away with dignity, but also be remembered and keep inspire the living, it forever is an eternal topic of mankind!  In terms of public welfare, JR was entrusted by relevant institutions in Chengdu to conduct research and planning on the future development of Chengdu’s funeral home. It creatively proposed the "using" grid, big data" approach, and established the "120" model to manage the city.  Carry out management, make full use of urban idle parks, set up 152 cultural memorial halls scientifically, rationally, and effectively manage the city under the unified organization of the Humanities Memorial Center! This fundamentally changes the current bad situation of independent governance and economic loss. Through planning, the implementation has fundamentally changed the current status of the funeral home and its market, which made the city a more civilized development! This is another research example of the public welfare activities of JR designers!