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{香港JR设计 HK JR Design}香港JR设计集团与法国项目合作渐进佳境


France, a country with profound cultural deposits, it combines tradition with modernity, as well as romance and shyness. In recent years, with the increasingly frequent international exchanges, The cooperation between HK JR design and France is getting more and more close, after we put many unremitting efforts, we successfully carried out a series of cooperation projects within the territory of France , and got very good grades.



In the process,We had an excellent knowledge of French Market and opportunities,and we are also familiar with French administrative procedures. We founded a very close and friendly  privileged relationship with French Embassy in Beijing and Chinese Embassy in Paris. Our French partner network has been well connected, including 120 French institutions and Universities, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business France Foundation in France and China, the governmental Foundation France-China……


Meanwhile, in recent few years, HK JR plans to open a large design representative office in Paris. we believe that with the efforts of our JR's all partners,and the senior director's lead who has 30 years professional experience in the international development of France, our friendship with the French partners will be more profound, more firmness, and contribute more powerful and more solid strength to the cause of world design! HK JR design, the best design agency in the world!